Thursday, 24 July 2014

Special Products

  • Welcome to our Web-Site ...

   Al- Safa Drug Store as well established drug store in Jordan, dealing with almost all pharmacies and hospitals in Jordanian market Al Safa drug store was establishes 1994, we have 13 employees besides our general manager.

   We have 4 sales mans and 2 under training, we are agent to Medisin Company Turkey (Can chamber) and SSM for Surgical Suture Company Turkey and Al Shiffa Plaster Syria.

    Importers for most of necessities medical and for pharmacist and necessities of the children from China and numerous states.

  • Our Mission

Our purpose is to express our creativity to find unique resolution to our company. and also to increase our productivity and to improve the work performance..

and for sure in the end your health is our mission.